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good morning, america. this morning -- washington burning. two giant wildfires in the american northwest have merged. thousands of acres scorched. people evacuated and the dangerous choking smoke spreading for hundreds of miles. new revelations. arnold schwarzenegger opening up for the first time about the moment his wife, maria shriver, confronted him over his love child. just how long had she known? and did he really think he'd get away with it? the little league stalker. the baseball rivalry allegedly taken way too far. did this man stalk and threaten a rival coach and his son all because of a strikeout? and epic meltdown. he's one of the top rockers in the world, but what set off green day's billie joe to lead to this?
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>> you've got to be kidding me. >> and this. ♪ ♪ and happy sunday morning, everybody, at home. hard to believe just 44 days left until the presidential election. mitt romney is heading back out on the trial this week. but after one rough week, how does he plan to turn things around? george stephanopoulos will join us in just a few minutes to discuss that all. >> mitt romney says that his campaign doesn't need a reset. some of his advisers says it does. we'll talk about that coming up. we're getting some answers on that crazy story about the guy who jumped into the tiger's den at the bronx zoo. turns out this was not a suicide attempt but instead something very different. we'll tell you about that coming up. and we're just hours away from one of hollywood's biggest nights. >> cue the techno music.
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>> everyone getting ready for the big emmy awards tonight on abc. and we have your backstage pass to everything you need to know like what happened when "modern family" cast when all six billed actors are up against each other? only two can get the prize. >> i want to know what happens the next day on the set. there undoubtedly will be some tension. >> they'll all be winners. >> you're so optimistic. >> i'm happy this sunday. a lot of news breaking overnight. we want to start this morning with a look at the headlines. ron is on vacation. but abc's paula faris is here. we're happy to have you here. >> good morning. dan and the ladies this morning, right? >> just the way we like it. >> good sunday morning, everyone. we begin with the giant wildfires scorching the northwest. two large fires in the northwest are threatening to merge while choking smoke overwhelms people across the state forcing them to wear masks or stay inside. there's fears that fierce lightning storms today could add more fuel to the
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fires. ginger zee is tracking it all. >> 23 large fires in 6 western states happening right now, and you can see all of the fires plotted here. now, it has been one of the driest august and septembers on record, and that means it's going nowhere fast. from the ground, the flames rise in washington state leaving acres of scorched wilderness in their wake. from a distance, you can see just how huge these fires have become. the plumes of dangerous choking smoke rising up over the mountaintops. these fires have been burning for 13 days. 3,000 firefighters now working around the clock to contain them. >> this one is packed all the way up. >> reporter: and hundreds of residents have been driven from their homes, which now stand in destruction's path. >> you combine all these conditions together, and, you know, yeah, i can see a perfect storm here. >> reporter: but the real danger lies in the smoke. the suffocating haze smothers nearby towns, rendering air quality so bad, people must now wear masks when they go outside.
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while unhealthy air can measure as low as 35 on the air quality index, officials say the air quality here is spiking over 900. >> i have asthma. my wife has breathing issues, and it gets pretty bad sometimes. >> reporter: and as firefighters try to put out the 22 separate fires still burning uncontrollably, there is a fear that the largest two, just one mile apart, may soon merge into one giant dangerous blaze. and, again, it is not just the state of washington. look at idaho. this is satellite. so way up in space, we can see the fires and the plumes of smoke. you can see that highlighted there, and that's why they're having all those air quality issues and will continue to do so likely until they get into the rainy season late okay, early november, so the fire weather not good. some dry lightning still possible. you're looking at temperatures here that won't be too terrible, but red flag warn inings
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still in effect, and much more coming up on what will likely be the biggest wildfire season this nation has ever seen, almost 8.5 million acres burned so far. >> thanks, ginger. syrian rebels taking a big step forward in their effort to overthrow president bashar al assad. leaders of the syrian army are moving their command center from turkey to syria hoping to unite all rebel groups. in the past few months, rebels have captured large chunks of land along the border with turkey. and if you are eating peanut butter from trader joe's with your breakfast, check the label. the chain is recalling its creamed salted valencia peanut butter which has been linked to 29 salmonella illnesses in 18 states. the stores has removed the peanut butter from its shelves. and anyone hoping to pick up the new iphone today will probably have to wait. shocking, right? it was virtually sold out at most stores yesterday but stores do expect to restock it tomorrow. meantime, apple and samsung, rather, are demanding changes to the verdict in their bitter patent battle over the iphone. in newly filed paperwork,
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samsung is asking for a new trial while apple is seeking an additional $700 million in damages. that's on top of the $1 billion that they were just awarded. and finally, the man known as the french spider-man, well, he has done it again. alain robert successfully scaling the world's largest steel tower, the central plains tower in china. it's nearly 1,300 feet tall, no thank you. he usually climbs without safety equipment but used suction devices and ropes because of the tower. you guys, he has no hand or footholds. ginger doesn't know it, but this is her next assignment. >> i was going to say it but she is do it without the rope. >> no way, i'm not -- >> my money is on ginger. all right, paula, thank you. we're going to turn to the
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race for the white house, just 44 days away from election day, and the romney campaign is hoping to get past a rough week. they're now kicking off a bus tour, but will it be enough to regain the momentum? it's "your voice, your vote" and abc's david kerley has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: the days are slipping away, and many republicans are begging mitt romney to reset his campaign. the candidate has an answer, which they may not satisfy all those critics who are talking back to him. some of the gop complain romney is losing. he's not on the trial enough. spending too much time fund-raising as he was last night in california. >> they were just coming to town to see you and keep the campaign going. it's nonstop. >> reporter: there are calls for big changes for his campaign, which romney dismisses on "60 minutes." >> i've got a very effective campaign, it's doing a very good job, but not everything i say is elegant. >> reporter: so will he turn around his campaign? >> well, it doesn't need a turnaround. we got a campaign which is tied with an incumbent president of the united states. >> reporter: that's what romney says, but while he seizes on the
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president's line he can't change washington from inside and try to stay focused on jobs, the romney campaign is changing. with aides promising an intense battleground schedule. colorado tonight. a bus tour in ohio. campaigning in virginia. romney doesn't lead in any of the battleground states, but the campaign is making inroads in wisconsin. so, not surprisingly, the president hoping to block any momentum made a saturday visit, picking up a milwaukee brat. >> that's what a brat is supposed to look like right there. >> reporter: and hitting some fund-raisers of his own even though he won the state by 14 points, the obama campaign admits it's harder in wisconsin where the president went after romney's comments that 47% of americans are victims. >> i don't believe in just looking out for workers or 53% or 47%. i'm going to look out for everybody. that's why i'm running for a second term. that's why i need your vote. >> reporter: that's what the president wants to talk about when he's out on the campaign
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trail. romney's 47% comment. by the way, that was the president's first visit to wisconsin in 220 days showing just how team obama is hoping to blunt any momentum that romney may gain in some of those battleground states. dan? >> good thinking. ryan may help in wisconsin. that may help. david, thank you. for more let's bring in the hardest working man in news, george stephanopoulos, he's the host of abc's "this week" thanksgiving. how is that for an intro? >> i like that intro. thank you. >> so romney is saying his campaign does not need a reset. his advisers say it does. what's your verdict? >> of course, it does. >> what should he do to reset it? >> number one, he just -- do no harm strategy. he cannot afford another week defined by a gaffe knowing the press will pounce on anything that might resemble one. number two, they're doing things smartly right now, saturate the battleground states with mom because right now he's either behind or barely tied in every single battleground.
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he's not ahead in any one of them, and, number three, he's got to focus again hard on the economy. one of the things that is really helping president obama right now is more and more americans think the country is going in the right direction, and he's pulled to even with mitt romney on the economy. >> so but there's another big turning point coming up in about ten days, the debates, the first debate. a lot of people have said this is a real potential opportunity for mitt romney. if you're in the room with him prepping him, and i know you've been in rooms like this before, what are you telling him to do on that night? >> picking up on what i just said, every single answer that mitt romney gives in that first debate, which will be the last big audience of the campaign, has to be about the economy, has to be focused on president obama being a candidate of the status quo of the way things are right now and has to offer a specific solution to the problem he addresses, every single one and, of course, he can't make a gaffe in that debate either. if he does, it becomes a story. >> it's really only the first debate is the one with the big
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audience. >> in part because voting has already begun in some states. it will pick up -- by the time of the third debate in late october, likely a third, maybe even more of the country will have already voted. >> george, we always love having you on the weekend program. thank you very much for coming up. george has a big show. his guests including david axelrod and the republican national committee chair reince priebus. thank you once again. bianna? the story about the guy who jumped into the tiger enclosure is only getting weirder. we know why he did it. because he wanted to be "one with the tiger." john muller is at the zoo with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it doesn't get much stranger than jumping from a monorail at the zoo into the tiger pen, but this one just gets weirder and weirder. as you mentioned, police asked this 25-year-old fighting for his life why he did it, and he said "i wanted to be one with the tiger." just as strange, police have no reason to think he was
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intoxicated, and they don't think he's mentally ill. it shocked everyone. an unthinkable jump off this bronx zoo monorail 17 feet down right into the tiger pen. no, it was not a suicide attempt. police say 25-year-old david villalobos did it on purpose so he could be one with a 400-pound male siberian tiger, a tiger much like this one, capable of killing a man in matter of seconds. >> this is new york. we have 8.4 million people here, and, you know, strange things can sometimes happen. >> reporter: the new details are startling. villalobos told police he landed on all fours like a cat. on his facebook page, pictures of his obsession. a picture of a siberian tiger. like the one that dragged him around the pen, crushing his ankle and biting his body. >> we know on his facebook that he has a picture of a tiger. he visited the zoo the last month. >> reporter: indeed, a former classmate confirmed his odd behavior of late. >> recently i saw some of the
7:13 am
stuff he wrote on facebook, and it just seemed a little strange. >> reporter: turned out villalobos sustained most of his injuries from the tall rather than the tiger, breaking his shoulder, pelvis and a rib and also collapsing a lung on impact. villalobos did succeed in becoming one with the tiger while in his jaws for ten minutes, but the tiger didn't want him dead or he would have been, say zoo personnel. >> he was rescued by zoo personnel, who used a fire extinguisher to get the tiger. they instructed him to roll over by an electrified fence and to roll under the fence. >> reporter: villalobos also told police, quote, everyone in life makes choices. this choice nearly killed him. villalobos remains in stable condition at the hospital. he faces criminal trespassing charges, and if he's convicted before long, he could be one with the jail cell. now he actually told police after this initial mauling, he did have a chance to pet the tiger, and he has vivid memories of this.
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the tiger will not be euthanized. officials say the tiger did nothing wrong. dan, back to you. >> you absolutely not, one with the jail cell perhaps deservedly so. john muller, thank you very much. now to a bombshell revelation that is just days away from hitting book stores. arnold schwarzenegger out with a tell-all memoir about the moment his wife, maria shriver, dropped a bomb on him confronting him about his secret love child. abc's john schriffen is here with more on these details. john, good morning, sir. >> good morning to you. it was more tan a year ago that the world of politics, media and entertainment were rocked by the news that after 25 year, shriver was leaving her husband, but the real bombshell wasn't to come until later when the world heard for the first time why. it's his total mea culpa. arnold schwarzenegger has come clean in his new book acquired by "the daily news," "total recall: my unbelievably true life story" finally opening up about the wrenching moments his wife, maria shriver, confronted him about his love
7:15 am
child. it was a couple's therapy session when, quote, the therapist turned to me and said, "maria wanted to come here today and to ask about a child, whether you fathered a child with your housekeeper mildred." caught off guard, schwarzenegger finally answered, quote, "it's true." shriver had questioned him before about the love child, but arnold had denied it, and she let the issue go. in fact, for awhile he refused to believe the child was his either, but eventually he says, quote, the resemblance was so strong, that i realized there was little doubt that he was my son. during that confrontation, he first gave shriver, quote, three lame reasons why he hid the child, joseph, from her, embarrassment, a compulsion for secrecy and not wanting her to tell her family, the famed kennedy clan. schwarzenegger writes in the book, after he came clean, he groveled, telling her, she was a perfect wife and he was still
7:16 am
turned on by her. now he says of the affair, he was stupid and had, quote, the arrogance of believing he'll get away with ignoring the rules, and the former governor and box office star in true hollywood style is hoping for a happy ending. he is hoping to eventually reunite with shriver. schwarzenegger's book, "total recall: my unbelievably true life story," hits the book stores on october the 1st. let's see if it becomes a best-seller. >> should we read into this he is not running for office again. >> right, exactly. i think he's getting it all out there now. >> thank you, john schriffen. back over to ginger zee for another look at the weather. >> it's so cold in parts of the great lakes and northern plains. look at the numbers here, des moines here this morning, just under 40. bismarck, 26 degrees. so ten states at least in frost and freeze warnings, advisories and it will extend to 13 tomorrow and will start to trickle east. some of the coldest in chicago. much warmer, oh, so much weather. look at this, national weather
7:17 am
service pictures here of a funnel cloud. this s indiantown, florida, out of the miami national weather service and they had a lot of flooding rain too. in some places up to 6 inches. they are so far above average, and they'll get even more today. so if you're looking for a dry-out in miami, it's not happening here in the latter half of your weekend. it will, however, come to you by tomorrow. so more rain here in that two to three-inch range. can you imagine? only rain in the forecast for the northeast would be anywhere in the lee of the lakes there with lake-effect showers. otherwise, drying out and much cooler. behind the front that brought those storms, yeah, we're seeing temperatures only in the upper 60s and low 70s.ices, inc
7:18 am
>> it doesn't matter what kind of day i'm having, but when i get a great sunset photo, i swear, it can turn it around. so hopefully if you're having problems this morning, here you go. look at that. key west, florida, so tranquil and pretty. you can find me on facebook. thank you, lindsay for that. up in the mountains in boulder, colorado, oh, that mist and she was saying some of the colors are starting to come out there. really about a week, week and a half from colorado to kansas up into minnesota for the -- >> looks like artwork. >> who knew it was so easy to get ginger out of a bad mood? >> yes, just a little sunset feet they. that's all it takes.
7:19 am
>> thank you, ginger. tv's biggest night and a huge night on abc. the emmys just hours away. >> and past favorites competing for tv's most coveted trophy, and rachel smith joins us for a preview. hey, rachel. >> that's right, guys. today is television's biggest night and the star power attending is tremendous. you know, there wasn't a nominee in sight yesterday when i was rehearsing for on the red carpet at the emmys, but i got to tell you, i couldn't help but getting wrapped up in all the excitement. here's a look at all the preparation and talk leading up to the main event. ♪ the red carpet is rolled out. the emmys in place, the audi green room by derek lamb decked to perfection. everything is ready for this. >> and the emmy goes to -- >> goes to -- >> and the emmy goes to -- >> reporter: tonight's emmy awards features a showdown
7:20 am
between newbies and vets. >> the only thing worse about not getting something is when someone else gets it. >> reporter: can "mad men" make it a record five wins? >> was i supposed to say something? >> reporter: or could "homeland" pose a threat? will new leading man damien lewis break his streak? >> i'm a lucky man. >> reporter: will julia louis-dreyfus sweep or amy poehler finally win the ticket? >> all right. >> you monster. >> reporter: peter dinklage and aaron paul may not have the winning formula this season, the supporting actor in a drama category is dominated with newbies, but the biggest face-off of all a true family fight. all six of those actors on the hit abc show "modern family" are nominated. >> it's a small world. >> what's the odds of that happening? >> it's a small world. >> yes, it is.
7:21 am
>> reporter: all four men battling it out in the best supporting category. ty burrell who plays phil one last year. >> you are burning up. you might have the flu. >> reporter: and julie bowen who plays clair tries to repeat her win squaring off with sofia vergara. >> put the stuff away and put your ears on. >> reporter: jesse tyler ferguson told me friday night at the emmy nominees' reception that the cast is just thrilled all six were nominatedment now, julie bowen, she told me she's hoping to as off the win to sofia vergara. >> yeah, absolutely. you know, watching her story just realized how good tv has become. so much great shows out there. >> how many hours i spent watching television. >> i know, exactly. >> tell me about it. tell me about it. >> in fact, we'll be back on the couch tonight and we'll come back to rachel later for fearless emmy predictions who will win and factor the following information into your planning. rachel will also be hosting the preparty show starting at 5:00 eastern and 2:00 pacific, and
7:22 am
then our own lara spencer and josh elliott pick up the coverage co-hosting abc's emmys red carpet live at 7:00 eastern. >> look how dapper and beautiful they look in that shot. amazing. and then it's the main event. jimmy kimmel hosts the primetime emmy awards at 8:00, 5:00 pacific. coming up on this broadcast, little league, big issues. the father accused of stalking and threatening a rival little league coach all because one son struck out the other. plus, rock or rant? the lead singer of green day lets loose with an angry tantrum. what set him off and does it match this billy joel tantrum? and the question of the morning, what did this reporter do to this adorable baby to make him cry? we'll answer coming up in "fixation." ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ on you're my obsession ♪ [ female announcer ] what happens when beauty meets strength?
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coming up on the broadcast the father and little league coach from long island, new york, accused of stalking a little league coach and his son all over a strikeout. that's coming up on "gma." keep it here.
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't want to be -- [ bleep ] whoa, even by rock star standards, this was an outrageous, over-the-top tantrum from the lead singer of green day. what is billie joe armstrong screaming about, and what set him on this mammoth meltdown, and how does his freak-out compare to past stage spectacles like those of billy joel and even the rocket man himself, elton john. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. wow, they get angry. >> i love that i could watch that all morning. that's great. billy joel clearly not having the time of his life. i'm dan harris. good morning, everybody. it's sunday, september 23rd. also coming up, these people have a much better excuse for streaking out. they have a cheetah on t hood of his vehicle. he will eventually be on the hood of their vehicle.
7:31 am
i promise you. there he is. we'll tell you how this turned out coming up in our "fixation" segment. and tonight is a big night in hollywood. the red carpet is rolled out. the emmy awards are lined up, and a showdown is brewing for "modern family." so who is going to win? predictions coming up in the show. but first we have reported before on parental misbehavior around children's sporting events, but this case is really pretty extreme. the coach accused of stalking a rival coach and his son all allegedly over a strikeout. abc's rob nelson is on the story. rob, good morning. >> good morning, guys. well, youth sports organizations across the country have been dealing with the growing problem of out-of-control parents who take their kids' sports just a little too seriously, but this time it crossed into alleged criminal behavior. his team may be called the long island vengeance -- >> what happened? are you guilty? >> reporter: but little league coach robert sanfilippo took his team a little too far. it all started earlier this
7:32 am
year. sanfilippo got into an altercation with a rival coach, john reardon, over a simple baseball matter and then -- >> i started receiving text messages of myself and my son in front of our house obviously taken without us knowing they were being taken. >> reporter: he didn't know where the texts were coming from and then he says those texts became more threaten ing toward both his wife and son. >> he had a picture of me and my son saying "i'll pick him up at the bus stop for you." that's when i went to the police. that's when it went over the line. >> reporter: it came from an untraceable phone, but they were eventually able to track it back to sanfilippo. the tension between the two began to build after an altercation in may when reardon's son struck out the last batter in the inning. >> he didn't like it. he had something to say. i said something back, nothing crazy. maybe some curse words went back and fort. >> reporter: but sanfilippo claims he's innocent and it's reardon's son who was once taken
7:33 am
off a travel baseball team. >> disgruntled teams. that's baseball. >> you innocent? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: sanfillipo is charged now with 20 counts of aggravated assault and even 1 count of stalking, as well. perhaps the worst thing about kids' sports are the parents these days. >> time and again we see it, thanks, rob. >> no problem. >> time for a check of the other top stories with paula faris in for ron claiborne. the overnight team here. >> i know. what time is it right now? i'm so confused. >> working this late. >> oh, yeah, we have an overnight show at abc. moving on, good morning. in the news, everybody, firefighters in washington state are battling two huge wildfires trying to prevent them from merging and just as dangerous is the suffocating smoke forcing people to wear masks when they go outside. in politics, mitt romney is back on the campaign trail today in colorado. part of what his advisers are calling an intense battleground state schedule. president obama stumped in wisconsin yesterday, another key swing state.
7:34 am
and lindsay lohan is reportedly suing the man who accused her of driving drunk and hitting him in new york city this week. according to tmz she will sue jose rodriguez for defamation. police say alcohol was not a factor in that alleged incident. and finally going gangnam on campus. ♪ >> hey! >> the ohio university marching band played the hottest song in style." the team went on to win the game and, you guys, they got off to a 4-0 season so give it up to the bobcats in athens, ohio. >> i'm not going to do it. but i heard someone compare to the macarena. >> come on, dan. >> i heard you say, why won't you do it?
7:35 am
>> let's merge the macarena with gangnam style. >> sky dive, yes, but this, no. >> you have to draw a line somewhere. >> time for the weather and over back to ginger. >> that's weird. that's where i draw the line too. a little something. not very good. okay, let's get started. this for paula because we have to go to southeast michigan. she's from jackson but we'll start with a very fall-like in ann arbor. temperatures in the upper 30s this morning. so fall is settling in. beautiful look at the campus there and some blue skies for you today for the most part. the rest of the cold air will be in place and ha autumnal feel stretches to boston. this is pretty seasonal for this time of year. feels like it's not that cold but feels like it. philadelphia, 70 on monday, 75 by tuesday, d.c. going to be 72 today. now, let's fly across the nation because the emmys are happening. it's going to be dry, 87. look at the center there, ft. collins, colorado, at 84 and drying out on the east coast
7:36 am
>> this weather report broug >> this weather report brought to you by nasonex. dan and bianna. >> all right, ginger. coming up on "gma", front man freakout. green day's lead singer billie joe armstrong snapped on stage, so why did he go berserk and does it compare to past freakouts by billy joel? what could this reporter have done to start this crying fit? look at that face. all coming up in "fixation." keep it here. [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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thrtra ♪ don't want to be an american idiot ♪ talk about an epic on-stage tirade even for a rock star. green day's billie joe armstrong caught on tape, totally out of control and unleashing a ton of vulgarities that shocked even the band's most die-hard fans. paula is here with the details. >> earmuffs, please, and what we're about to show you is the
7:41 am
cleanup version. it happened over the week at the iheartradio music festival in las vegas. billie joe armstrong storms off stage after unleashing an epic rant. >> you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: it started suddenly. >> give me a break. >> reporter: green day front man billie joe armstrong goes off, out of nowhere diving into a rage-filled tirade. >> i'm not [ bleep ] justin bieber. >> reporter: smashing the guitar before storming offstage. >> we'll be gone. >> reporter: shocking the thousands of fans who just moments earlier were rocking out with one of the biggest bands in the world. so how did it go from this to this? >> i got one minute. one minute left -- oh, now, i got nothing left. >> reporter: turns out billie joe's freakout was a matter of time. you can see this, 1 minute left. >> look at that sign right there. >> reporter: their entire
7:42 am
set was nearly cut in half so that usher could have more time. >> i've been around since 1988. >> reporter: the meltdown came just days after the mega popular band rocked out on the roof of "good morning america." ♪ >> reporter: but the eyeliner-loving singer isn't the first to turn into a basket case on stage. >> stop fighting the audience. >> reporter: in the late 1980s concert, the piano man goes off the rails. >> let me do my show for christ's sakes. >> reporter: billy joel smashing his microphone all because the lighting was bad and here kanye west stops his concert in washington, d.c. also because of the lighting. >> where's all my lights? >> reporter: and watch elton john suddenly get slap happy with his mike at a concert in new york. but all in all, armstrong's tirade might take the cake. no comment from billie joe armstrong's camp. but as he was leaving the stage
7:43 am
he declared "we'll be back." now, our lighting is good. imagine if it wasn't -- we wouldn't react like that. especially the time cue. >> be careful. >> paula, thank you. still ahead on "good morning america," holy animal kingdom. what is going on here? we'll tell you how it all turned out when we return. ♪ you are an obsession two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected,
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♪ you are an obsession ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ all right, it's "fixation" and we collect crazy stuff from the intraweb and bring it to you. we're going to start with ginger. >> there are shows about ocd. we all have -- maybe not all of us -- dabbled in it. a chameleon who may have a
7:48 am
little. >> uh-huh. >> he's washing his hands, and his hands do not stop. yep. >> no. >> where is the hand sanitizer? >> where is the purel? >> poor thing. i love the eyes. >> okay, so, you know, everyone goes on -- have you been on safari? my honeymoon, beautiful, amazing. you see all these wild animals coming up to your car and sometimes they get too close. take a look at this cheetah waking up to this car full of tourists, and then he just sits on top. awfully close. >> he sat there for an hour. the car could not move until he finally decided to go on his merry way, but, dan, you say cheetahs actually don't attack. >> cheetahs are not dangerous. they used to be domesticated animals. they are beautiful. what do you got? >> animal facts with dan harris. >> any time we mention guinness
7:49 am
world record, you know you're going to see something interesting. they were trying to break it for tallest human tower, which is currently six levels high and you'll notice they're all wearing padded helmets, so in case this goes awry and see how -- oh. >> down they go like dominos. hold me, bianna, please. everybody was okay. we should let you know that. >> but one more clip we want to show you. this is what happens when reporters ask the wrong question. check it out. >> e equals mc squared. get that off my face. i'll take this cantaloupe. >> oh, no. >> way to make a baby boy cry on live television. >> they say never work with babies or animals. yes, that's an example of why. >> that face is priceless. >> do we have time for one more? >> yes, okay, gratuitous cute animal shot. take a look at this. this is a panda being poked and prodded by veterinarians -- we don't have the video, i'm told. we'll show you -- keep it here,
7:50 am
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♪ yes, just to make sure i'm not a liar, there's the panda video. >> oh, so cute. >> he's handling the checkup very well. >> yes. very cute. meantime, excitement is building in hollywood, and before we go, let's do a lightning round of some fearless emmy predictions from rachel smith in los angeles. first up, rachel, drama. >> all right, i'm going to say it, i'm going with an upset. i say "breaking bad." i do not think "mad men" will be able to pull off its fifth consecutive win. i think that's got it. >> oh. >> ouch. >> what about comedy? >> well, what do you think? i think it's going to be a threepeat for "modern family." the fans say they've done it again this season.
7:55 am
they are delivering the funny, can't go wrong with "modern family." >> and within "modern family" who are the two winners? >> all right, so clearly the odds are in "modern family's" favor with six of the nominat n nominations so of the gents, i say eric stonestreet. i know ty took it last year. cam delivered last year. wham, bam, thank you, cam. and then for actor, i would have to say -- or excuse me, for actress i would have to say julie bowen. i think it will be a repeat for her. i don't foresee her passing along that torch to her co-worker sofia vergara. >> well, you heard it here first. >> taking big risks this morning. >> i am. we'll see if anything holds true. we'll find out tonight. >> thank you, rachel. >> watch our own lara spencer and josh elliott tonight, co-hosting abc's emmys red carpet live at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific and primetime emmy
7:56 am
awards at 8:00 and tomorrow, "gma's" after-party and all the photos from the red carpet go to online. >> thanks for watching this morning. we're always online at david muir is back with more news and george will be here with "this week" coming up in just an hour or so. thanks, everybody. see you later.
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